Call & Order: 4.8x more calls for legal advisers

Iwen Kuhn
Dec 4, 2020 9:38:51 AM

Background is a juristic portal which provides comprehensive information online relating to divorce, legal disputes, custody and other legal areas.

In addition, the portal offers the possibility of having a telephone consultation with specialist lawyers. The offer ranges from free initial consultations and referrals to specialist lawyers located near the caller, to accepting specific mandates.



Potential clients are to be made aware of the portal via online marketing measures and then make use of the advisory hotline.
Using matelso’s telephone tracking, marketing expenditure and its success can be assigned to individual campaigns and keywords to optimize them in a targeted manner.

From search to telephone lead

People research different devices online before they make a decision. In the case of, this takes place over the telephone.

Users who do a Google search, subsequently click through to via Google Ads and make a call are recorded via matelso telephone tracking.

Unique assignment

This allows these calls to be assigned to individual Google Ads campaigns and keywords. These can then be optimized based on the telephone leads obtained. Calls would not be measurable and campaign budgets would not be performance-oriented without our telephone tracking.


Since the introduction of tracking, the number of calls to the hotline has increased continuously without affecting the budget. The Google Ads campaigns were continuously optimized on the basis of caller numbers. At the same time, the click-through rate (CTR) of ads placed in the Google search has risen by 18% since March. Text adverts and keywords are further developed and expanded based on the data acquired.

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