Solid foundations for marketing: Call Tracking for project development

Iwen Kuhn
Jan 28, 2021 9:00:00 AM

The foundations

Bauwerk is one of the leading project developers, consultants and marketers of high-quality and design-oriented new construction projects in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt.

The service portfolio of the two business segments – Bauwerk Development and Bauwerk Capital – covers the interlinked areas of project development, product management architecture, marketing communication and sales.

In terms of marketing, Bauwerk Capital has successfully placed almost 1,000 properties with a sales volume of around one billion euros since 2010. By founding the Bauwerk Development division in 2018, the company strengthened its position as a project developer.

It is also available as a joint venture partner or service provider for property owners, investors and property developers. Headquartered in Munich, the company was founded in 2002 and has branches in Berlin and Frankfurt.

The building blocks

The focus is on connecting the digital and analog customer journey, calls play a major role for Bauwerk – it’s all about being big and sustainable, as well as about capital.

The prospective customer needs a great deal of trust in the supplier due to the significant commitment required. Lead tracking for Bauwerk is equally consultation-intensive – but how can you track an analog lead digitally?

A big challenge is to make the analog/offline contact channel tangible for marketing; matelso’s dynamic Call Tracking offers a solution. At the end of the day, important information about the call and its origin could be made transparent in Google Analytics.

Whether purely in online marketing or in advertising in general, the following principle applies:

Track → Detect → Act

Without tracking, you cannot act – at least not meaningfully. Making a decision for or against an advertising campaign without having access to past data on the one hand or without any way of proving its success on the other hand is thus rather based on emotions and comparable to driving a car blindfolded. You can put a certain distance behind you, but sooner or later it will definitely become unnecessarily expensive.


The skyscraper

Bauwerk has gone the extra mile – wherever a number leads to a Bauwerk consultant, a matelso Call Tracking number is also available.

The performance of online and print campaigns can be depicted at granular level. Which marketing activity is really performing? Bauwerk has the data and knows the answer.


As a multi-site company, the performance of particular equipment is also on the agenda. Where do phone calls end up? How many are answered? Where do my customers call from? By regularly reporting caller data, the controlling department has well-founded answers to these questions.

The next evolutionary step for Bauwerk would be an integration into CRM – to further expand the voice channel. But no matter how large the building project is to be, first constructing solid and resilient foundations is key.

Bauwerk has succeeded in doing this and has been successfully building on matelso’s base technology for many years.

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