From Digital 2 Assisted - A Vodafone Story

Marcelino Granda
Feb 26, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Part 1 – Deficit identified

Vodafone understands all the advantages of classic e-commerce. Direct interaction with customers is not the focus. It is important to design a clear customer journey – also in relation to different target groups.

A fully digital transaction is the goal, but cannot always be achieved. Vodafone has recognized that every customer journey must be mapped as digitally as possible.

Every contact made by the website visitor – generally interactions, clicks and descriptive data about the user – show up in the CRM or in Adobe Analytics.
Except when they make a call!

The worst scenario for every marketer – someone who abandons their shopping cart in favor of buying over the phone.

In this scenario, the conversion is not accompanied by a digital customer journey. On the contrary, the existing customer journey incorrectly results in a bounce in the analytics. A solution is needed.

Part 2 – The digital solution to an analog problem

Suppose a call could be completely mapped digitally in already existing systems? Can a call be considered like data stored in the CRM based on a completed contact form?

But of course! Vodafone's exciting answer:
Call Tacking.

Timing is often the limiting factor of data. We are programmed to look at data retrospectively. We're familiar with the cycle “Track - Detect - Act”

This is where it gets exciting: Vodafone connects a real-time contact with the data behind it. The systems operating in the background know the customer journey that led to each individual call.

Marketing and UX Design can use this data to retrospectively derive actions and potentials, as is already customary in this field. Examples include:

  • Transparency via ROAS – cross-channel
  • Transparency from a controlling perspective – what happens on the phone?
    - Cross-company, cross-location, cross-employee.
  • How does each caller group navigate the Vodafone website?
    - How can service calls be reduced from a UX perspective?
    - What leads to calls that directly result in purchases?

Vodafone has recognized the potential and fully digitized the voice channel.

Part 3 – When Sales gets involved...

No dealership would entrust a trainee to sell the highest priced cars. Logically, meaningful lead categorization is part of a Sales department's basic repertoire.

Vodafone also leaves nothing to chance in telemarketing thanks to Call Tracking. Depending on the customer journey that took place before the call, the most suitable sales representative is connected on the basis of a scoring matrix.

In other words, it is not down to chance who you talk to after calling the hotline.

Matelso Call Tracking connects each individual visitor to a call through a dynamic process on the site. The magic begins when this data is pushed into systems immediately before the two parties connect rather than after the call.

Vodafone has recognized the capability here and can now draw full potential from the voice channel – because Voice Matters!

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